Media Outreach

Aggressive Media Outreach

We take special pride in our track record of developing powerful messages on public policy issues that might otherwise seem dry. Then we get the word out again and again. And again. Our work has been featured on NBC’s Today show and Nightly News, the CBS Evening News, ABC’s World News Tonight, 20/20 and Good Morning America, on countless cable news and talk radio programs, and in every major American newspaper and news magazine.

Earned Media

Using innovative messages and creative outreach tactics, we successfully change the debate in broadcast, print, and online media. Because we develop specialized expertise on selected issues, media contacts know to turn to Berman and Company for the most informed experts.

Our representatives regularly appear in major media outlets, in most cases providing the only voice of the business community. Over and over again, the opinion pages of major newspapers run op-eds on behalf of our clients.


Berman and Company creates and maintains dynamic websites that draw millions of visitors every year. We use creative and interactive web features to attract visitors and get them engaged. Because our creative team is fully engaged with our policy and media professionals every day, our websites never lose their focus on the core messages that work.