Public Service Announcements

Media Production

Berman and Company is a full service video, film, and multimedia production company dedicated to injecting life into our client’s stories.

We consistently exceed client expectations on all levels while creating award-winning products—whether that be planning, scripting, shooting, or even screening.

Berman and Company can manage an entire production from conception to completion or provide a la carte services.

We put your needs first and tailor our workflow to meet your project goals on deadline and on budget.

Promotion & Marketing

Our experienced in-house media relations team is able to digitally distribute your PSAs to all domestic television stations almost instantaneously and will continue to make it available for their use until the completion of your tracking term.

Successful PSA campaigns transpire because of thoughtful preparation, pitching, patience, and persistence. As part of our comprehensive package, we will craft plea letters, media pitches, and provide the following ongoing services:

Pitch calls: Our team of experienced media professionals have fostered relationships with station gatekeepers and traffic departments from across the country. We focus our call on your target markets and outlets—providing a kick-off campaign and monthly follow up calls.

Emails: In addition to the national campaign launch email, we distribute an interactive digital pitch letter with direct content links to PSA gatekeepers and traffic managers twice a month. This will act as a continued reminder to include your PSA in their schedules.

Follow-up: We will continue to push stations that have not yet used your PSA to do so with aggressive monthly follow-ups.

Evaluation & Reporting

Berman and Company offers one year of tracking and reporting at no extra cost to you. You will find this offer nowhere else.

Our monthly reports include:

Nielsen’s Sigma SpoTTrac electronic tracking for television

Monthly web-based HTML reports that cover market data—such as stations, affiliates, market rank, dates, times, and audience impressions. A comprehensive post-campaign analysis will also be issued at the end of the reporting period.


Our primary job is to get your message heard—and with 20 years of experience, we know how to get your campaign noticed and on the air.

Our team gets your materials directly to PSA gatekeepers at television and radio stations across the country. Additionally, we send your PSA directly into advertisement trafficking networks at the stations.

Once approved by the station gatekeeper, the station traffic manager programs PSAs into unsold advertising space and schedule rotations. To be truly effective, the content must be given and accepted by both gatekeepers and traffic departments.

Our distribution platform can reach more than 1,500 television stations and more than 9,000 radio stations.

A dedicated PSA campaign landing page that contain all versions and lengths of your PSAs, plea letter, scripts, and print assets (if applicable) will also be available.