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  • Teddy Bear

    The new health care law imposes heavy taxes and regulations on health care companies which will cause your health insurance premiums to go up.

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  • Waiting Room

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  • How $1 in Health Insurance Gets Spent

    The new health reform law adds billions in taxes and thousands of regulations to health companies, which will drive up your premiums.

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  • The Obama Zone

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  • Mammogram Coverage

Campaign Summary

Educating the public about the realities of the Affordable Care Act.

This campaign utilized both 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(3) messages to educate the public about the consequences of passing the Affordable Care Act. This Berman-managed campaign utilized a micro-site, print ads in national publications like USA Today and The New York Times, television commercials, and online video over a six month period.

Messaging for the campaign included facts about cuts to Medicare, the decrease in the number of doctors accepting Medicare, and the loopholes for people who wait to buy insurance until after they're sick.


  • Aegis

    "That's the Health Care Bill"
  • Pollie Award

  • Pollie Award

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