4 Pollie Awards

4 Telly Awards

3 NYX Awards

  • Gold Homeless Hotels Television Spot
  • Gold Charity Pirates Television Spot
  • Silver Stand Against Su Campaign
  • Silver Workplace Explained Social Media
  • Silver Freedom Fighters
  • Silver Shingles: What You Need to Know to Avoid a World of Pain
  • Silver RSV: Not Just a Little Kids’ Virus
  • Bronze Stand Against Su Television Spot
  • Bronze Homeless Hotels Campaign
  • Bronze Tribute to Bernie Marcus


1 Pollie Award

4 Telly Awards

  • Gold Julie Su is Jumping Ship Newspaper Ad
  • Gold Shake the Stigma
  • Gold Taking Charge of Muscle Health
  • Bronze 2021 JCN Highlights
  • Bronze What is Shrinkflation


5 Pollie Awards

  • Gold Who’s Really F***ing California? Newspaper Campaign
  • Gold Freelancers Fight Back Website
  • Gold Don’t Break Our Hearts VA Collateral Material
  • Silver Synthetic Meat Spelling Bee Television Spot
  • Silver Who’s Really F***ing California? Full Page Newspaper Ad


4 Pollie Awards

  • Gold UAW Under Investigation Newspaper Ad
  • Silver Our Industry our Voice Website
  • Bronze Fake Meat, Real Chemicals Newspaper Campaign
  • Bronze Our Industry our Voice Website


1 Pollie Award

3 Telly Awards

  • Gold Public Affairs Television
  • Bronze HSUS Get’s a D
  • Bronze Tax Cuts Kennedy
  • Bronze Small Business Profile


1 Webby Award

3 Pollie Awards

2 Telly Awards

  • Webby Awards Honoree for Science and Education Film Safe Medication Disposal
  • Silver Public Affairs Television
  • Silver Best Use of a Mobile App
  • Bronze Year Without A Stroke
  • Bronze Safe Drug Disposal
  • Bronze Newspaper Full Page


3 Pollie Awards

  • Gold The Best Use of Humor – Television, Public Affairs Division
  • Silver Most Original/Innovative Collateral Material – Collateral Division
  • Bronze The Best Use of Humor – Internet, Public Affairs Division


4 Telly Awards

  • Silver “Breaking Up with Fossil Fuels is Hard to Do” (Online Video – Animation)
  • Bronze “Anti-Fracking Club” (Commercial – Political Issues/Campaign Advertising)
  • Bronze “Minimum Wage Fortune Teller” (Commercial – Political Issues/Campaign Advertising)
  • Bronze “I’ll Never Learn to Fetch” (Online Video – Political/Commentary)


5 Pollie Awards

5 American Inhouse Design Awards

  • Gold Statewide Campaign Television
  • Gold Best Use of Humor Television
  • Gold Best Use of Negative/Contrast Television
  • Gold Mass Transit/Bus Sign Collateral
  • Bronze Best Website National


8 Pollie Awards

2 American Inhouse Design Awards

2 Bulldog Awards

  • Gold Radio for Federal Persuasion
  • Gold Best Use of Pre-Roll Advertising
  • Gold Best Use of Research – Business/Consumer
  • Silver Best Use of Humor
  • Silver Public Affairs Newspaper Ad
  • Silver Radio for Federal Persuasion
  • Silver National Affairs TV
  • Silver GOTV
  • Silver Best Response to Breaking News
  • Honorable Mention Best Use of Pre-Roll Advertising