Our Services

Media Outreach

We take special pride in our track record of developing powerful messages on public policy issues that might otherwise seem boring or dry. Using innovative messages, dynamic websites and creative outreach tactics, we successfully change the debate in broadcast, print, and online media. Our work has been featured on NBC’s Today show and Nightly News, the CBS Evening News, ABC’s World News Tonight, 20/20 and Good Morning America, on countless cable news and talk radio programs, and in every major American newspaper and news magazine.

Berman and Company also places over 1,000 op-eds per year on behalf of clients.

Design & Development

We have a full team of graphic designers and web developers who know how to present complex ideas and messages in ways that are eye-catching and persuasive. We pride ourselves on creative storytelling that is interactive and visually stunning, and we have over 150 national awards to back it up.

  • Over 300 websites built since 1995
  • Both front end and back end development capabilities
  • Hosting and database management experience

Public Service Announcements

Berman and Company has more than 25 years of experience producing and distributing public service announcements and we are ready to apply our expertise to your project. Through our extensive in-house capabilities, we are able to produce and distribute a professional product for much less than other firms.

Our team of award-winning creative professionals can produce television and radio PSAs to match any budget, time constraints, and preferences. Whether you need animated content, interview videos, voice overs, or a fully scripted spot with actors, we can accommodate your needs.

We utilize a combination of cutting-edge and traditional distribution tactics to ensure your PSAs get placed with hundreds of television stations or radio stations, ensuring the widest exposure for your message.

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Media Training

Berman and Company’s team of professional communications staff will work with you to crystallize your message and ensure that you are camera-ready. Whether you’re preparing for a debate on television or giving a presentation to clients, Berman and Company can help you be at the top of your game.

Government Affairs

We have more than two decades of experience tracking both state and federal legislation, conducting grassroots campaigns, and acting as our clients’ “office in Washington.” We have worked on ballot campaigns across the country and helped companies, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations project their voice into policy and legislative debates.

Ad Creation & Media Buying

Our full-service agency team has been producing award-winning advertising campaigns online, in print, for radio, and on television for over 15 years. Our work has received more than 150 national awards for innovative design and presentation since 2004 and our work has been featured in more than three dozen college textbooks as examples of compelling messaging.

Berman and Company’s advertising has won widespread praise, not only for its inventive, aggressive, and often humorous content, but also for its high return on investment. We keep production costs to a minimum and maximize impact through clever and hard-hitting ads that are so effective they often become the story. We also know the ins and outs of media buying in order to place those ads in an efficient, targeted and affordable manner.

Social Media

Social media trends and best practices are changing every day. Our dedicated social media team can give you an honest, jargon-free assessment of your opportunities on social media and explain how best to engage your target audience and get more bang for your buck. We currently manage more than 1.5 million Facebook and Twitter followers and are posting daily updates for clients.


Research done on behalf of Berman and Company clients is often cited on the floors of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, by governors and state legislators, and by local policymakers and major media outlets. Whether it’s opposition research, academic reports, or policy white papers, we can get you the information and material you need.

Video Production

Our team of in-house producers, editors, scriptwriters, and animators create authentic content that elevate your message. Whether it’s a national 30-second commercial, a corporate marketing video, or a web-based documentary complete with animation, we can tell your story in a visually compelling way that leads to high levels of engagement and sharing online. As evidence of our production skills, we have generated more than 60 million YouTube views for our clients.